Speed Dating

We believe the best way to meet new people is in person, however this can often be intimidating for new starters and shy folk alike, still finding their feet on the scene. We strive to find an easier way of acquainting yourself with the 1000’s of beautiful people on the BDSM and Fetish scene. The benefits of using our SBeedDSM dating service is to find Domme/sub play partners, relationships learn about the fetish scene, meet friends, hone social skills and get yourself out doing something new and exciting. The event is set in the exclusive Palace of Kink, a private venue for the kinky community within Rotherham.


We have narrowed it down to four categories, so make sure to let us know which one you want to be in:

1. Boys & Girls (Straight)

The classic format, boy meets girl, they have a quick chat, fall in love, the bell rings, boy meets other girl they fall in love, rinse repeat!

2. Flexible

This is for anyone who wants to meet… well everyone! All genders/orientations in the world are more than welcome here!

3. Boys only

As it says on tin, boys only at this one.

4. Girls only

Pretty self explanatory by this point!

After all dates have been had, you will be free to wander the wonderful venue, and if you’ve met someone special during your dating travels, what better time to get to know each other over a friendly play using the fantastic equipment present at the venue. Or if you just fancy another drink or two whilst chatting to some of your fellow daters, the venue’s staff would be delighted to serve you.

Purchasing Tickets

Due to the nature of the event all ticket purchases must be made in advance. This can be done either through PayPal or through bank transfer. We will also have a stall set up the weekend prior to the event on Sunday 9th April at the market event at the venue, where we will be accepting cash payments for the event. Also, feel free to catch us at any of our other events and we will en devour to help.

If you are interested please contact whippet.dating@gmail.com
Kinky life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

£15 entrance
12pm start 16th April 2017
Palace of Kink, Rotherham