January 24, 2016

Modus Operandi; What’s yours?

Modus Operandi is a casual weeknight event for Fetish, Bondage, Domination and SadoMasochism lovers in Yorkshire.  However, with the new facilities at Club Quest it reached new levels on Thursday, last!

It was an amazing turnout of lovely kinky people. Princess Pervette lead the BDSM workshop on “Predicament Bondage” making two poor volunteers writhe due to their own terrible decisions, in a variety of positions (A Blog with more details from one of them is due soon!).  Anyone interested is welcome to join in, advise and suggest during these demonstrations, as M.O is intended to be a learning place for anyone new and old to BDSM.  Alternatively, the dungeon and many playrooms, hot tub, sauna and steam room are all available for use throughout the event so there’s no obligation to come just for the workshops.

The next M.O is going to be 18th February, 7pm at Club Quest, £10 entrance and no need for membership.  All who have a positive attitude to ‘fetish’ are welcome!

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