Jelly Wrestling

A new entertainment has arrived, from the success of paint-balling another interactive and dynamic fun sport is here for you to enjoy. No need to look your best for these parties, instead get competitive and wear something scant! Suitable and adaptable for groups of friends having a party or a provision at a festival or community event, JelliChi is here to turn any gathering into a unique, invigorating, tactile experience.

We can provide party fun that even the most soggy and British of sensibilities cannot fail to enjoy. JelliChi is here to bring a wicked, wet, wobbly warmth to even the dampest of dates on this year’s calendar – make your party a gooey mess above the rest!

‘JelliChi’ are offering a style of Mud Wrestling Tournaments that are safe, clean and environmentally friendly with non-toxic jelly goo in place of the mud. The entertainment value of ‘JelliChi’ wrestling has already caught on in other countries, but is native to Britain and is causing a jellified riot! Whether for friends’ parties or larger events, professional commentators lead the crowd and participants into an emotional rollercoaster of Jelly-fuelled fun, to give an unusual focus to your party!

The Practical Stuff:

The equipment can be set up outdoors, or in rooms large enough to fit a 3ft by 4ft paddling pool.

Hiring ‘JelliChi’ includes:

  • All equipment and materials for jelly wrestling and to keep the area protected
  • ‘Get-in’ and ‘Get-out’ to leave the arena clean and as we found it
  • Safety gear for participants
  • Theatrical commentators throughout the duration
  • Prizes and souvenirs for participants of the tournaments


JelliChi tournaments from £295 for a half day. Please call to discuss requirements.

For more details, contact Euphoria Events.