March 22, 2015



This weekend’s Euphoria raised the bar for me over what a club event should be about….

Every single person that left Club Isis late Saturday afternoon did so with a grin 3 miles wide, because it was quite simply an awesome afternoon. I’m usually busting my hump at the events I get to, PudseyFet aside, so it was nice to wander around and see just what goes on in the dark seedy corners of events that are held in premises that allow a sexual element to your play, listen to what gets said and view the dynamics and I saw and heard a fantastically diverse group of folk having a great time. I have come away from there with a better understanding of just what is needed and wanted by the guests at my gigs. It really opened my eyes, ears and mind and has given me the kick up the arse I needed…

So thank you all, especially Dave from Isis but more than any thanks to Freya who welcomed me in and along with her team ran an event that I can’t praise highly enough and urge anyone who likes The Kage Club to travel over to Leeds and visit a fucking great gig.

I know I’ll be doing so every time I get the chance!


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