Euphoria Events – BDSM & Fetish themed parties


Fetish and BDSM

There are many different types of fetishes and a range of BDSM activities from kinky bedroom play to hardcore Domination and servitude. As Euphoria Events have become so popular, we offer different events dependent on the level of intensity you want from your party. Choose from the descriptions below or e-mail us with any queries.

Euphoria, Leeds

A long standing favourite event in a liberal adult club, Euphoria caters to a wide range of people throughout the fetish community. Held in Club Quest, it is a very social environment and the main room is vibrant with chatter and laughter as people get to know each other and share their desires and fetishes. The back rooms are full of play, using the ropes, BDSM furniture and private playroom for all kinds of fetishes from corporal punishments to group orgies! This event is not limited to Dominants or submissives – it embraces all types of sexualities. Gender fluidity, foot fetishes, humiliation, watersports, wax play and bondage are all welcome here. Euphoria is a great place to come to meet like-minded people, whether you want to dip your toes in the water or turn up and head straight for the playrooms with your play partner.

  • £20 entrance
  • 1pm – 6.30pm, First Saturday of EVERY month
  • Club Quest, Leeds

Modus Operandi, Leeds

Nervous about being a first-timer? Do you want to try it out, but feel like such a novice that you don’t know where to start? Did you watch 50 Shades of Grey and think that is all there is to BDSM?
In that case, M.O’s welcoming and developmental atmosphere is the best introduction for you! Workshops and demonstrations are held on different topics each month and Mistresses are there to either give advice or tasters to the curious. This event is intended for new people to try out BDSM, but there are also a few seasoned players who enjoy using the lovely venue, so there is also plenty to watch if you don’t want to get involved immediately. Perfect!

  • £15 entrance
  • 8.30pm – Midnight, Third Thursday of EVERY month
  • Club Quest, Leeds

Delirium, Leeds

Every third Saturday of the month Club Quest becomes the landing pad for the mothership of kink, as the portal opens to the dimension called Delirium. Building upon the success of Euphoria, Delirium is an invite-only play event catering exclusively to the fetish hardcore. With an emphasis on pushing one’s boundaries toward the outré and the extreme, no forms of play are proscribed, and only the trusted and experienced are asked to attend. Unlike other public play events, Delirium is not intended for novice experimentation, but rather as a space for the expert and veteran practitioner ready to delve headlong into the most intense of BDSM activities.

  • 1pm – 7pm, Third Saturday of EVERY month
  • £20 entrance
  • Club Quest, Leeds

Thank Fuck It’s Fetish, Bury, Manchester

One for the night creatures! In the exclusive and elusive Partners Club offering twists, corners, crevices of dark wonders, dungeons and dens the Euphoria Fetish crew bring you a nightclub where anything goes!

The dark and interesting venue with floors of exploratory corners, visual appeasements, auditory stimulation available after the hours that decent folk are safely indoors. A gathering of friendly, kinky, creative and impassioned perverts, dressed in their finest lace, leather and latex excitedly venturing to use the space to its fullest potential, spending their Friday night to let off steam as anyone would – in a bar, listening to fine tunes and mingling leisurely. Yet, there is a twist, this isn’t your generic club and these are not your average people; come midnight, it is after hours…the music changes, the moods with it… the people become quieter, sexier, with a quality in their eyes that only the veteran hedonist knows so well. It’s time to play!

Buffet snacks will be provided by the EuphoriaFetish crew, for your delectation throughout the debauchery, in hope that you may fuck and fetish as much as you like at Thank Fuck It’s Fetish…

  • £20 individual, £30 per couple
  • 8pm – 3am Every third Friday of the month
  • Partners Club, Bury